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The picture gallery below shows just a few of the beautiful dogs that use our service, both before and after their haircut.

French Briard - before
French Briard - after
Cocker Spaniel - before
Cocker Spaniel - after
French Briard

Cocker Spaniel

Pomeranian - before
Pomeranian - after
Pekingese - before
Pekingese - after


Cairn Terrier - before
Cairn Terrier - after
Daschund - before
Daschund - after
Cairn Terrier

Smooth Haired Daschund

Miniature Poodle - before
Miniature Poodle - after
Lhasa Apso - before
Lhasa Apso - after
Miniature Poodle

Lhasa Apso

A few other cute faces of differing shapes and sizes......

West Highland Terrier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Bernese Mountain Dog
Yorkshire Terrier




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